¡Wikipedia cumple 20 años
y hay que celebrarlo!


Imagine a world in which every person has free access to the sum of knowledge and can participate in its collective construction


The free encyclopedia has changed the way we build and access knowledge on the Internet. Wikipedia, the fifth most visited website on the net, is our best-known project. Maybe you don’t know that it has 11 sister projects that allow us to expand Wikipedia, generate shared knowledge in different formats, and improve access to information for everyone.


We advocate for universal access to information, for the privacy of those who use the web and for their freedom of expression. We train institutions on the importance of preserving a free and open Internet. Everyone has the right to search, create and share culture and knowledge on the Internet.


There are many ways to support Wikipedia and its sister projects. As a non-profit organization, our activity is possible thanks to the donations of thousands of people, the fees of our members, and the work that our volunteer network carries out.

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I have been writing articles on Wikipedia since 2003 and I edit about topics related to my own city: Valladolid. I like to do my bit contributing to free knowledge.
Lourdes Cardenal
WMES member
I have been collaborating with Wikimedia projects since 2015 and I am part of Cuarto Propio en Wikipedia, a feminist space to reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia.
Carmen Galdón
WMES member
With Wiki Takes Rural Areas we give visibility to the heritage of unpopulated geographic regions. We complete Wikimedia projects’ content in different language versions.
Adrián Estévez
WMES member

Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects have changed the way we access and build knowledge in the digital ecosystem. The more diverse the people who participate, the more complete the information we provide will be. In order to reduce gaps and biases, we need Wikipedia to gather information that is representative of all cultures and social groups, and make it available in every language.

Help us share knowledge and make it free

Our global volunteer community includes more than 200,000 people editing and sharing knowledge in multiple formats, millions of people viewing information or reading, and tens of thousands making small donations to support us.