¡Wikipedia cumple 20 años
y hay que celebrarlo!


Digital rights are human rights

That is why we spread the importance of preserving Wikimedia projects as a common good within a free and open Internet. We defend the right to share and build free knowledge online by collaborating with institutions. And we help create policies that promote and protect free knowledge in Spain and Europe. We demand measures and regulations that do not jeopardize access to online knowledge and culture, and that protect those who participate in its collective construction.

Derechos digitales y conocimiento libre

We protect access to knowledge

We promote the safeguarding of the public domain

We ask for copyrights adapted to the digital environment

We fight disinformation

Help us share knowledge and make it free

Our global volunteer community includes more than 200,000 people editing and sharing knowledge in multiple formats, millions of people viewing information or reading, and tens of thousands making small donations to support us.