¡Wikipedia cumple 20 años
y hay que celebrarlo!


Free knowledge is not only nourished from Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Movement’s vision is to achieve a world in which every person has free access to the sum of knowledge and can participate in its collective construction. We follow the philosophies of free knowledge and free culture, which defend the fundamental right of access to them.

Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that everyone can edit, is our best-known project, but we work with 11 other free knowledge collaborative projects online. For example, Wikidata, a structured database; or Wikimedia Commons, the world’s largest free multimedia repository.

Wikimedia projects

A collaborative encyclopedia written in more than 300 languages ​​by volunteers from around the world. All people have the right to access knowledge for free, anywhere and in their own language.

The central structured data repository for Wikimedia projects and beyond. Structuring data in a machine-readable format makes it easy to view, search, edit, use, and reuse data and files.

The world’s largest free multimedia repository for viewing and downloading. With collections of illustrations, photographs, drawings, videos, music, infographics and much more.

A digital library with books, texts and historical documents free of rights or in the public domain. It includes poetry, government documents, the Constitutions of many States, and general literature.

A collection of quotes from relevant characters and creative works in over 75 languages. Includes proverbs, sayings, statements, slogans, quotes from books, movies, and great quotes from renowned people.

A free alternative to commercial online news sites, featuring articles whose data has been verified and reviewed by the community. A free news source that everyone can contribute to.

A free multilingual dictionary, available in more than 170 languages, with the aim of describing all the words of all languages. Includes words discontinued by other dictionaries such as the RAE and various linguistic resources.

A free and free collection of e-books, including textbooks, instruction guides, manuals or cookbooks. A collaborative writing tool for all audiences.

The definitive travel platform, whose objective is to create the most complete and updated travel guide in the world. Completely free and free. With tours and recommendations of the people who read and write it.

A taxonomic database of species that collects from fossils to living beings from the Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and other life forms.

A digital center for resources, research and educational projects. For all levels, types and styles of formal and informal education.

A core project for community coordination and task organization in the Wikimedia ecosystem.

Free and open software that anyone can use, with a large community of technological development behind. The tool with which Wikimedia projects are built.

Help us share knowledge and make it free

Our global volunteer community includes more than 200,000 people editing and sharing knowledge in multiple formats, millions of people viewing information or reading, and tens of thousands making small donations to support us.